The Murderer on the Way Lord

In my opinion, jihad is the sacrifice of lives in vain, and the mujahideen are not more than the murderers in the way of God; justifies the killing in the name of God (religion). Sell to burn the religious symbols of religious emotional.

To my knowledge, as recorded in the prophet’s message of arrival of the War of Tabuk, the most severe jihad is war against the passions (jihad akbar). Jihad relevant space and time. The last few years lively burst echo jihad, including in the homeland. I wonder what that element pushed him, shouting the jihad-than-bustling also get a positive response from some Muslims. We still remember the events in Ambon and Maluku, for example, several years ago. A sad event.

Abu Al Faris in his magnum opus, al-Sirah An Nabawiyyah: Dirasah Tahliliyyah, explained that for those who follow the prophet of jihad since he was in Makkah until the Prophet and his followers moved to Medina, it will find the difference between the concept of jihad is very sharp.

In Mecca, the Prophet did not ever make war, but merely argue (hujjah) the further strengthening as a messenger of Heaven. Jihad is thus a prophet from the real jihad akbar (QS: Al Furqon: 52).
As for when he was in Mecca, the concept of jihad changed to lift the weapon into battle (Sura Hajj: 39-40). Does Islam differs from Islamic Makkah Madinah?

At that time, the new Muslims form a small community in Medina. A sense of community does not have anything compared to the power of the status quo of the Quraish. The Muslim community in a very dangerous threat from the tribe of Quraish who want to preserve the status quo. Moreover, the tribe was supported by the Jewish forces that deny an appointment with the Muslims. Quraiys more solid with the support from outside the Arab polytheists of Mecca, who would not accept the presence of Islam, of course.

At that time, the inter-tribal warfare was a way out to solve the problems; war into an Arab daily norm. Maka dari itu, Therefore, to maintain the existence of Muslims must fight against the tyrant’s hand. Severe threat that makes the Muslims only have two choices: lasting or destroyed (to be or not be).

If the Muslims surrender to the fact that age does not make friends, then chances are there are currently no longer a Muslim. It was felt by the prophet. Because the extinction of religion that encouraged new worries for the rest of maize, the prophet asked God to give victory when he and his friends want to go down the first war.

At that time, the prophet asked for protection (and victory) because when the Muslims lost the first battle in Islamic history that list, “There will be no longer that will worship You,” the prophet closing prayer.
Finally, after so long and patiently endure the oppression Quraiys (QS: Al Ahqaf: 35) Muslims to fight once again to defend himself.

This war command recorded in the following firman’s God, “has been allowed (to fight) those who fought because they had been abused” (QS: Al-Hajj: 39). Another verse that orders Muslims to defend themselves immortalized in surah Al Baqarah: 191.

From this it can take a red thread that jihad (read: fight) of the Muslims at that time was none other than to defend themselves and the religion will be destroyed by the enemies of God. At that time, this small community like a ball on the tip of the needle. Only jihad can save them from the evil hands thrust ready to chop.

Contextualization of Jihad: Islamic Holy Spirit Brought Rahmatan Lil Alamiin

Is jihad must always fight? Is jihad must shed blood? Is jihad must always be identical with the sacrifice of lives?
To my knowledge, as recorded in the prophet’s message of arrival of the War of Tabuk, the most severe of jihad is the war against lust. Jihad relevant space and time. “We’ve come back from a small-scale jihad (jihad ashgar) into a larger (jihad akbar),” because the Prophet to the jundullah, the army of God, who had just returned from the War of Tabuk. So not only lift the weapon of jihad.Even jihad lift lighter weapon than the desire to fight jihad itself.

Jihad in the sense of war must also be for purposes that are tolerated (required) by Islam. Jihad is not the origin of war or detonates a bomb, let alone the expense of innocent lives. Among the jihad is prescribed for the purpose of religion, among others, according to Abu Ayyub, in Sirah Al nabawiyyah ¬ it. (1) To defend the weak: women, children, elderly people, and so forth from every person in need of protection (QS: Al-Nisa: 75). (2) Membela diri, harta, dan tanah air. (2) Self-defense, property, and ground water.

This case we can see in the early spread of Islam (Dr. Abdul Qadir Mohamed Abu Ayyub al-Faris. Al-Sirah An Nabawiyyah: Dirasah Tahliliyyah. Oman: FROM Al Furqon). (3) The Muslims were persecuted or attacked earlier settlements (Mohamed Al Khadhari. Nurul Yakin. Edition-II. Baerut: FROM Al Jiil).

In the meantime, we can see in the minority Muslims of Mecca, they were expelled from the homeland, possessions confiscated, also received abuse from the holders of the status quo. In the Indonesian context we can find out when the expulsion of Dutch and Japanese colonizers.

However, the case of Indonesia today jihad in the sense that war is totally irrelevant.Jihad appropriate to the context of Indonesia today is jihad akbar, not Jihad Asghar (lift arms).

Therefore, in my opinion, the jihad in Ambon and Maluku, for example, no more than the sacrifice of lives in vain, and the mujahideen “is nothing more than the murderers in the way of God; justifies the killing in the name of God (religion). Sell to burn the religious symbols of religious emotional.

In addition to the above requirements, an expert on Islamic law juridical (fuqoha) has been formulated in strict terms of jihad; when required, when sunna, all beautifully carved by their premises. Because of the limitations of my page intentionally did not discuss it in detail.

Jihad into an elegant form as demanded by the temporary space and time Indonesia became a wise step. With its , we can realize the spirit of Islam that rahmatan lil alamamin.

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